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12th Annual Purses for Partners Event Happening On April 13th


I have been working at the radio station in Baxter and living in Breezy Point for almost 15 years.  My mom lives in Duluth and has come to visit “a million times.”  However, other than a Ladies Night at Sherwood Forest a time or two, my mom has never been able to come to an event that I have emceed.  But, she is coming for this one and I am so excited (and almost a bit nervous)!

On Saturday, April 13th, I will be emceeing the 12th Annual Purses for Partners event at the Gull Lake Center at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa.  This brunch, attended by women and girls of all ages, is a purse auction that benefits Kinship Partners, the local mentoring program.  While planning for this event, which I have emceed a few times now, I thought it would be nice to invite my mom to come and join me at this event.  I called her, told her about it and out of nowhere came the words, “mom…it’s just like the church luncheons that we went to with grandma (her mom) back when I was young.”  She paused and immediately said, “I will be there.”  That is when we both realized that we should invite the little girls in the family.  Maybe starting our own tradition.  So, now it will be my mom, my 6 year old daughter, my six year old niece (from Duluth) and me.  I DID warn my mom, however, that there would most likely NOT be a layered “sammich loaf” (as we used to call it) as there was at my grandma’s Bethany Lutheran Church in west Duluth.  (You know… the sandwich loaf… the layers of bread, deviled ham, egg salad, cranberry spread and other unidentified mixings than frosted in a cream cheese type layer.)  I couldn’t tell if she was glad or disappointed!  We laughed!

With that, I am hoping that all the gals reading this right now will find a mom, daughter, niece, aunt, grandmother, female cousin, friend or mentor and join me at the event as well.  I know what the power of a group of women who get together for a good cause can do.  I want to show Kinship Partners that, together, we women in our pretty dresses, our lovely sandals and matching purses can really make a difference when we come together to celebrate spring, socialize and support a great cause!  (oh, yeah, and bid on purses, jewelry, gift cards, etc…)  I also want my daughter to have memories of having fun, doing good and being with family and friends in support of others.  Please join me!  Join US.