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3 Things I Learned At The Minnesota High School Girls State Hockey Tournament

state hockey
  1. The Brainerd Warriors should be proud of their season.

The Warriors came into sectionals as the #3 seed, and upset Alexandria and Moorhead. The Warriors earned their way into the finals and showed their stripes against some of the best teams in the state. Their 5-0 loss to #1 seed Andover represented the closest game in the quarterfinal round outside of the 4-5 matchup. To put in another way, the Warriors played the 27-0 #1 seed closer than any team played the #2 or #3 seed.


  1. Breya Sawyer is a beast

    Sawyer answered the bell against some absolutely tough competition, facing a dangerous 53 shots against the #1 Andover Huskies and another 52 shots against the Maple Grove Crimson. Zero goals against her were soft over the weekend. From one goalie to another, I’m in awe of her game. Watching her senior year is going to be something special.


  1. “State of Hockey” isn’t just a slogan

As the newcomer to the region, seeing the Wild brand themselves as “The State of Hockey” only made me roll my eyes. I played for over a decade growing up. I know what the hockey community is like… I was wrong. Everything about the scene here is incredible. From the student sections and bands (we didn’t have those), the amount and quality of your rinks… This is the kind of thing I dreamed of seeing one day as a kid in the hockey community in St. Louis. Well done, Minnesota. You all do it right up here.