Ken & Tess

A Gaggle Of Geese On White Sand At Dusk


The sun had just set when this clan went floating by the end of Bob and Lorraine’s dock on White Sand Lake of Baxter.

All was calm and they seemed very much at their ease. “Let’s go for a swim, they’ve put those boats away”.

Now, I’m told,  that a group of geese that are grounded are known as as a “gaggle”.  I would assume this term also applies to a group on the water.  When in flight, such a grouping is known as a skein, a wedge or a plump.  Flock works just fine.

White Sand is a smallish lake which, on most summer days, is populated by skiers, tubers and kneeboarders.  And hey,  the panfishing ain’t bad.

There’s nothing better than gathering on the deck, talkin’ smart, and watching as the neighborhood  gaggle goes passing by.

Have a great summer!