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A Night At The Movies In Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

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Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment/YouTube

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” is a very quiet movie that carries a loud and clear message.


This film is not a full biopic of Fred Rogers, the iconic public television host.  It does not attempt to tell his story from beginning to end.

Rather, it gives a us a glimpse of the world according to Rogers through the eyes of a talented and cynical magazine feature writer.  Matthew Rhys plays the scribe who is assigned to interview and profile “the host of that hokey kids show”.  It’s an assignment that he approaches with much less than a full load of enthusiasm.

It proves to be a mission that will provide this jaded writer with reason to question his own core beliefs.

No portrayal of Fred Rogers would work without a full measure of restraint.  Tom Hanks provides the subtle touch that will have you believing that the Mr Rogers we came to know on television was very much a reflection of the man himself.  Hanks occupies the supporting role in this film. His screen time is less than half that which is allotted to Rhys as the writer.  However, the essence of “Rogers”  pervades each and every scene.

If, in the rush of the holidays, you miss this movie then remember to give it a try when it becomes available for streaming.

Fred Roger’s message was simple.  Be kind.  Be Understanding.

Won’t you see mine?  Won’t you take time?  Won’t you see….my movie?