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Adele’s team addresses reports Amazon has already sold out of ’30’ CDs

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Simon Emmett

After a nearly six-year wait, Adele finally released her new album, 30, on Friday and it appears one major retailer had an issue keeping up with the stampede of fans rushing to get their hands on a copy.

According to screenshots from Twitter users, Amazon stopped selling 30 CDs hours before the album’s official release and listed the product as “currently unavailable,” which sparked rumors that it was already sold out.

The Amazon Help official Twitter account went into overdrive to individually address the mob of angry fans, with one reply stating, “We’re sorry for the poor experience. Please feel free to keep an eye on our site for stock details, as we’re unable to determine when this CD will become available.”

The confusion was enough for Adele’s team to step in and clarify things in a tweet, declaring, “We can confirm there are no issues with @amazon stock.”

Audio CDs of Adele’s 30 are now back in stock at Amazon and can be yours for $9.97.  It is unknown what caused the product to be listed as temporarily unavailable.

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