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106.7 WJJY Is Now Available On Amazon Alexa Devices!


We are happy to announce that any Amazon Alexa device can now stream 106.7 WJJY directly from our feed.

Check out the video below for a small tutorial about how you can install our stations right onto your Alexa device.[0]=68.ARBa5FXMVPqmNGGQr9sQWVfo-J1pLX_WbSCYCRlnOT8mjomG4serYswMi9mBU8t7F1-SrpxyI2NDSfwN1BTrNqomxOOw19EG_6gSeVlCpr-OFN5ZKlF07E9Khq16DSJELVFNRoAzCSAYv1K1-hELnrAAcVDXnXAdALzYlQGfr5Gtl1nHPc9vKlNwjERctbEoSylP5Qsx6RPwFyNiciclm36bAnIMW54FnadBGbUDM0dgzKa9qXhIx4K2orGIdjXe2OglncZ51v6AoHFsPlPmBBE8RHMjvqQelRubM98ihcLulsC9CI_TuSTfsEysDbXvy0RvxKlE3exY_8tcHusQHxM0Wdsm0ZNsFi7nnQ&__tn__=-R

If you want to enable our stations through the Amazon website, here is the link. (Also if you want to leave a nice review, we wouldn’t hate that either…)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Josh, our Digital Media Director at