Barry Brueland

A Stitch In Time For My Favorite Nine

My friend, Lorraine Ehrich, created and gifted me with the “Twins” quilt that you see pictured here. Unbeknownst to me. my collection of “Homer Hankies” was spirited away and used to enhance this truly unique creation.  The quilt consists of five “Hankies” interspersed with a fabric featuring the “Twins” logo …

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My Mom Told Me So

My mother told me that life would go flyin’ by once my Hannah Louise was born.  Mom had lived it, and she was right. I think most parents would agree that life goes by much faster once the children arrive. We turn around, and they’re walking and talking. I turned …

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Signs Of The Seasons

Those snow packed wheel wells are just one indicator that Winter is beginning to soften. Those icicles hanging from the eaves are not only cause for many of us to engage in our annual battle with ice dams, but are also a hint of seasons to come. The mythical god …

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