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Authorities Say Grandmother Shot Grandson Over Hot Tea Dispute In Brooklyn Center


A dispute between grandmother and grandson over where tea should be placed ended with a gunshot wound in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

According to the Star Tribune, 75-year-old Helen Washington told her grandson multiple times to quit putting his hot tea on her furniture, which one could assume is a table.

According to a witness, after Washington dumped out one cup of tea and left the room, the grandson filled another cup and set it back on the furniture. Washington returned to the room with a gun and after arguing more with her grandson, pulled the gun out and shot him in the leg.

When officers arrived, the grandson was in the front yard waiting for them with a gunshot wound in the right thigh. Officers arrested Washington at the scene, during in which she said that she didn’t think she should go to jail. A .38 revolver was recovered at the scene.

Washington has been ordered by a judge to be evaluated to see if she is competent to stand trial. She is facing second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, which is a felony. The next court day is scheduled for December 18th.