Ken & Tess

Boat Parades Give New Meaning to 4th Of July Floats


There were 4th of July parades here in the Lakes area and all of them were on the water.

Where there’s water, there’s a way.

Float a boat, add the Stars and Stripes and perhaps a little bunting and there you have it.  It’s a custom, Minnesota made, Independence Day float.

We kicked back on the deck of Bob and Loraine Ehrich’s White Sand Lake home and watched dozens of friends and neighbors go floating by on the Fourth of July.

Well done!!

We may not have been able to plant our backsides on the curb to watch those bands, those politicians, those color guards, those firetrucks and those radio station crews go strolling and rolling by.

But, somehow, some way, fun loving folks found a way to make it a great day.