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Book Asking If Vikings Will Ever Win Super Bowl Still Relevant Over 40 Years Later

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Jim Klobuchar wrote “Will The Vikings Ever Win The Super Bowl” in the aftermath of the Viking’s 4th Super Bowl loss.

The book was published in 1977 and I purchased it and read it back in my college days. I recently found it on a basement shelf where most of my books have gone to collect dust.

Klobuchar, the father of our Senator Klobuchar, devoted much of his life to chronicling various aspects of the Minnesota scene, He wrote this tome in concert with hard hitting Viking linebacker, Jeff Siemon. The book includes the observations that Siemon recorded in a journal that he maintained throughout the 1976-77 season.  And, of course, we all know that it ended with a 32-14 Super Bowl loss to John Madden and his Oakland Raiders.

I’m sure that most Viking fans who read this book decades ago were firm in their belief that yes, indeed, the “Purple” would eventually triumph in football’s biggest game. After all, the Vikings had visited 4 Super Bowls in an eight year span from 1970 to 1977.

Forty-two years later, we’re still waiting…

Maybe someone needs to write a follow-up to this book.

The suggested title would be………….“Will The Vikings Ever Get Back To The Super Bowl”.