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Brainerd Lakes Area Being Flocked By Flamingos

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The Brainerd Lakes Area Women of Today are ready to help you Flock Your Friends and raise money to help animals!  Right now, you can have a small, medium or large flock of pink, plastic flamingos delivered and set up at a location of your choice (within a 15 mile radius of Brainerd/Baxter) for $1/bird.  Twenty to fifty birds will “migrate” from location to location and stay in each spot for 2-3 days (restrictions apply).  Don’t want to be flocked?  You can “purchase” flocking insurance for a $50 donation.  All the money raised from the flocking will be donated to the Heartland Animal Rescue Team (HART) and the Ruff Start Rescue.  The flocking will continue until the birds fly south on Sat. Oct. 1st.  To flock your friends, relatives, rival business, visit The Brainerd Lakes Area Women of Today’s website.

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As per their website – here are The Rules:

The rules to Flock A Friend are simple. You pay $1 per bird and the Brainerd Lakes Area Women Of Today will migrate the birds from location to location. The flock will remain on one’s lawn for 2-3 days and then will be picked up by a BLAWT member.

This is a fundraiser by the Brainerd Lakes Area Women of Today. Each year we share the proceeds between H.A.R.T. (Heartland Animal Rescue Team) and Ruff Start Rescue ( Many in our chapter are dedicated pet owners and want to help animals that are less fortunate.

You too can support this fundraiser! We would love for you to play along. There are two ways to order – online at  to complete an order form and donate to our cause, or print and complete the form from the link below and mail with a check to Brainerd Lakes Area Women of Today at P.O. Box 1225, Brainerd MN 56401. The birds head south October 1, so don’t delay!

Flockings are anonymous, our flockers don’t know who requests the flockings. Your friend or family member has to guess who has “victimized” them. If you don’t care to flock but want to help with a donation, you can do this here or mail a check to the address above. Any amount is appreciated!

It is the goal of the Brainerd Lakes Area Women of Today to raise $1,000 with this
fundraiser and donate the money to HART Animal Shelter and Ruff Start Rescue. 

​Flocking fees are as follows and must be within 15 miles of the Brainerd/Baxter area:

  • Small Flock (20 flamingos)             $20 donation
  • Medium Flock (25 flamingos)         $25 donation
  • Large Flock (30 flamingos)             $30 donation
  • Extra Large Flock (40 flamingos)    $40 donation
  • Super Size Flock (50 flamingos)     $50 donation
  • Flocking Insurance                          $50 donation


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Happy Flocking, my friends!  And thank you for supporting the causes!