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Brainerd Lakes Area Residents Asked To Be Santa To A Senior

Santa hat


‘Tis the weeks before Christmas, and all through the town

There are lonely seniors, many hiding their frown.

No family around, no one comes to their home;

COVID doesn’t help…it just adds to ‘alone.’


No parties to go to, no family to see;

Christmas won’t be the same, no gifts under a tree.

But we can help change that, the gifts, I do mean;

If you’d like to help, please just listen to me.


Home Instead wants to help get some gifts to these friends

They hope you will shop for some odds and ends.

The gifts that they ask for are simple at best;

A nice shirt, some good lotion, and maybe a vest.


The gift tags are hung on some trees ‘round these parts

Just choose one, go shopping, you’ll warm someone’s heart.

Wrap the gift, then return it to where you got the tag.

That’s how it works, but there’s no time to lag.


“Be A Santa To A Senior” is the name of “the game.”

We hope you will “play,” every Bill, Sue and Jane.

A list where the trees are, you will find below.

Thanks for your help, Merry Christmas!  HO! HO! HO!

~Tess Taylor

Be a Santa To A Senior is a community service program that gives back to deserving senior citizens in the Brainerd Lakes Area.  A handful of businesses in the lakes area are hosting Christmas Trees adorned with ornaments.  These ornaments feature the first name of a senior along with a few gifts they would like to receive. Community members are asked to choose a tag, purchase the items, wrap them and return them to the same tree location.  Be A Santa To A Senior (BASTAS) staff will pick up the gifts and bring them to Home Instead.  Home Instead will organize the gifts for one big delivery just before Christmas.  THE DEADLINE TO RETURN GIFTS TO THE BUSINESSES IS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16th!

Tree / Tag Locations:

  • All 3 Caribou Coffee Shop locations in Brainerd/Baxter
  • Riverwood Bank / Stonehouse Coffee & Roastery in Baxter
  • The Center in Brainerd
  • Guide Point Pharmacy
  • Frandsen Bank in Nisswa and Crosslake
  • Home Instead (13432 Elmwood Drive in Baxter)

VIRTUAL TAGS can be found online just click here

For more information, contact Deb Cranny at 824-0077