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Brainerd’s Competition to Name the City Plows

snow plow

You may have heard it in our news a couple weeks back that the State of Minnesota had named 8 district snow plows with the help of creative Minnesotans.  You may have also heard that the city of Brainerd was about to begin the same process for snow removal equipment.

Well it’s finally time!  Paul Sandy from the City of Brainerd has invited us all to start submitting names!  Keep in mind that the name of our District Plow is “Darth Blader,” so maybe you want to avoid duplicating that one.  But they want your thoughts, your ideas, your imagination!  You might say they want you to plow through the clouds of your mind….. or carve out some time to be creative…. get my drift?

Simply click the link below to view the equipment and start submitting entries.  From that they will rank the names and then release a list to be voted on.  So what do you think?  Your names should be submitted by March 26th.

CLICK HERE to submit your entry.

Story by Danny Wild