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Bryan Adams is ready to pig out on Christmas — without the pig

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Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams has written several Christmas songs over the years, including the 1985 hit “Christmas Time” and the recently released track “Let’s Get Christmas Going.” But no matter how many songs he may put out, he knows there’s no competing with classic holiday tunes. 

“I’m just trying to have a laugh,” he tells ABC Audio. “You know, I think Christmas is a fun time and it should be about that.”

While Bryan says “Christmas Time” is a more “sentimental” holiday track, his latest tune was inspired by something his daughter said to him.

“It was September or something. She’s like, ‘Papa! Let’s just get Christmas going!’” he laughs. “And I thought, ‘That’s a good idea!'”

As for how the family will be celebrating Christmas, Bryan notes there won’t be any ham or turkey on the table because his family is vegan. “Oh, no, no, there’s no animals in our house. My kids have never eaten any animals,” he says. “You can have a perfectly good nut roast or something with gravy and roast potatoes.” 

He adds, “I mean, Christmas is obviously a time to pig out. So I have no problem making an absolute pig of myself without the pig!”


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