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Camila Cabello reveals how ‘Cinderella’ helped her manage her “anxiety and sadness”

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Camila Cabello is opening up more about her mental health struggles, which she previously admitted had gotten much worse when the pandemic sidelined her career.  In a new interview, the “Havana” singer revealed how working on Cinderella helped her through that “really hard time” in her life.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the Grammy nominee explained that she was able to fully process her internal struggles after writing the movie’s original track, “Million to One.”

“I don’t think I know how to write in any way that isn’t personal to me,” said Camila. “I was going through a really hard time with my mental health. It was just a period of a lot of anxiety and sadness for me, and that song had me feeling like, ‘I can overcome this. I know that I can make my life better.'”

She continued, “I feel like I channeled my personal journey into [Ella]. The character was super confident –everybody was telling her no, but she knew.”  

Cinderella is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

Camila also revealed how Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran helped her early on in her career.  She said she “fell in love with songwriting” when she was still in Fifth Harmony and approached Taylor to ask, “Hey, what do you do when you’re in a writing slump?”

Camila said Ed and Taylor “showed me a lot of kindness” when she asked for their guidance, declaring, “These were my songwriting heroes, so I was stoked that they were even talking to me.”


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