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Could the new Captain America be flying into Spider-Man’s neighborhood?

E New Captain America 04282021
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While this very well might be part of a long-standing trolling battle with his fellow Avenger, Anthony Mackie posted to social media a video of himself that led many to think his new Captain America could be meeting Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man onscreen again. 

Surrounded by a special effects blue screen, Mackie is seen in his new Cap suit as he slowly glides through the frame, supported on a flying harness, with a cheesy smile on his face. 

“Pulling up to #TOMHOLLAND house like…” Mackie wrote in the caption. The post immediately went viral and sent fans’ minds in overdrive. 

The actors’ characters have tangled onscreen, when they were on opposite sides of the superhero conflict in Captain America: Civil War, and the actors have jokingly tangled often in real life. So could Mackie’s reference to Holland be some “get back” for Holland’s famously teasing Mackie for not starring in his own movie, now that there’s rumors Mackie is starring in Captain America 4? Or might Mackie’s new Captain America visit our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man on screen? Both characters have an interesting give-and-take in the pages of Marvel Comics, after all.

Fans will just have to wait and see. Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters December 17.

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