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“Country girl at heart” Gabby Barrett would be “totally O.K.” with another pop collab like “I Hope”

Rich Fury/Getty Images for dcp

After placing third on American Idol, Gabby Barrett launched a country career, but ended up with a massive pop hit after Charlie Puth joined her on her single “I Hope.” The duet has gone on to win her a slew of awards, but Gabby says she’s not rushing into another pop collaboration just yet.

Asked what other pop stars she’d like to work with, Gabby tells ABC Audio she doesn’t have one in mind, but she’s not against the idea, either. “I don’t know, I’d have to really think about that one. I mean, I am definitely a country girl at heart,” she explains. 

She laughs, “But if I ever had a song…like ‘I Hope’ again, that wanted to spill over into some pop land, I’m totally O.K. with that too!”

Gabby can take pride in the fact that “I Hope” got fans who would normally reject country music to be a bit more open to it.  How does she know?  By reading her social media messages.

“Yes, I have gotten quite a few of those, a lot on Instagram, of people saying, ‘Oh, my boyfriend doesn’t like country music, but I really got him to like your music, and it opened him up the country’ and whatnot,” Gabby tells ABC Audio. “And so that was pretty cool.”

“Having Charlie in on the fun was kind of cool, like, it kind of brought him into the country a little bit and he kinda brought me into the pop world,” she adds. “And so it was really fun having him be a part of the song and bring a male perspective to the song as well…there was a lot of cool benefits from that.”

Gabby, who recently welcomed her first child, daughter Baylah, will return to touring this summer.

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