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CW Network and Roku tap ‘Survivor’, ‘American Ninja Warrior’ vets as part of upcoming ‘Fight to Survive’


Roku and CW Network announced Thursday they’ve joined forces for a new survival reality show.

The call it “a social experiment in primitive survivalism — with a competitive twist. 17 competitors, including former Survivor, Alone, Naked and Afraid and American Ninja Warrior contestants must survive 25 days on a remote tropical island combatting brutal conditions — and each other — to win $250,000.”

The companies add, “In one of the most intense survival of the fittest competitions ever televised, the competitors battle one another for essential tools and resources in the fight to survive.”

The show will premiere Thursday, August 10, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, and will then be available to stream on TheRokuChannel and The CW app on September 29, the day after the broadcast finale.

The 17 players are: 

Yuda Abitbol, 30 – Oahu, Hawaii — YouTube/TikTok/Survivalist Chef Influencer

Nathaniel Allenby, 38 – San Diego, California – Survival Enthusiast

Amal Alyassiri, 38 – Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Naked and Afraid

Dani Beau, 33 – Mercer, Maine — Naked and AfraidNaked and Afraid XL 

Missy Byrd, 27 – Denver, Colorado – Survivor Season 39

Robby Canton, 25 – Colorado Springs, Colorado — Survivalist

Matthew Clarke, 31 – Yukon, Canada — YouTube Survivalist Influencer

Sarah Danser, 31 – Honolulu, HI — Naked and AfraidNaked and Afraid: Lost at SeaNaked and Afraid XLNaked and Ghosted 

Afften DeShazer, 35 – Chicago, IL — Naked and Afraid

Stephanie Gonzalez, 31 – Ocala, FL — Survivor Season 36

Keali’i “K” Ka’apana, 41 – Orange County, California — Called to the Wild

Zane Kraetsch, 33 – Pasoga Springs, Colorado — ALONE: The Beast

Christina McQueen, 45 – Borden, Indiana – Naked and Afraid, Naked and Afraid XL

Jonathan Monroe, 31 – Panama City, Florida — Naked and Afraid 

Makani Nalu, 27 – Venice, California — Stranded With a Million DollarsNaked and AfraidNaked and Afraid XL 

J Ruiz, 37 – Tampa, Florida — American Ninja WarriorSteve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge

Libby Vincek, 29 – Orange Beach, Alabama — Survivor Season 36

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