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David Cook promises “energy and excitement” at Sunday’s livestream show, but can’t wait to play in person this fall

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Bobby Quillard

Before hitting the road this fall, David Cook will play the third in a series of three livestream concerts this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.  David says having done a few of these has only made him realize how much he misses playing for real live people.

“It’s a little sterile if I’m being honest,” David tells ABC Audio of the livestreams. “I think it’s giving me a new level of appreciation for that immediate feedback.  Because even with streaming — as much of a godsend as it’s been this last year — there’s still that that 20 to 40 second-lag before the comments catch up!”

He laughs, “So I’m definitely looking forward to getting in front of a live audience again, absolutely!”

That being said, he predicts Sunday night’s livestream will be compelling, because he’s playing all his best-known songs with his full band — and they’ll be doing an acoustic set.

“To get to kinda attack these songs from a different angle, I think some of that energy and excitement that I have is certainly something that’s going to show up in the show,” he predicts. “You know, I’ve been fortunate to get to play ‘Light On‘ on now for 12, 13 years? So to get to rethink it for a minute has been fun.”

Meanwhile, David’s tour, in support of his current EP The Looking Glass, starts September 11, and it’ll be followed by a European tour in October with fellow American Idol winner Kris Allen.

“I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had to push that back and reschedule,” he laughs. “It’s become kind of this running joke …but I think, knock on wood, we’ve pushed it far enough back to where there’ll be some window of opportunity to get these shows played.”

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