Ken & Tess

Does Anyone Else Remember What Their Office Looked Like Before They Had Kids?

Tess Office After

I used to pride myself on a neat and tidy office.  For MANY years, my office “decor” consisted of a couple photos of me and my husband… a small piece of art for some color… and maybe a small plant to keep things real and “adult. “

Then, at age 38, I had my daughter.  Now, I am 44 and next week she’ll be 6.  Needless to say, my office decor has changed.  A lot.  Some of the art I had is still there, but the walls have changed.  Can anyone relate?  Now, I have Post-It notes with scribbles on it because, “mom, it’s me and a dog.”  (She wants a dog).   “Mom, it’s me, you, daddy and a little sister.”  (yes, she wants one of those, too.)  Then, there are the art projects that she brings home from school or makes at our dining room table.  Stuff that I thought, at first, I would have to FRAME to keep it “neat.”  Stuff she tells me “you HAVE to bring this one to work, mom!  You HAVE to!”

I have given up the “neat” for letting it be what it is.  Art.  Frameless, lovely art.  At least to this mom.  There are still glimmers of “neat” on my office walls (okay, CUBICLE walls) today, but I find that I much more appreciate reminders of my little girl in my cubicle than anything.  I have them here to remind me why I work crazy hours – so I can be home when she gets off the bus.  I know so many moms that have “mom-guilt” and would love to be home for their children, but just cannot.  I get up at 3:15 a.m. I don’t get to see her off in the morning (MY mom-guilt), but I am home by 2:00 p.m.  When I am tired and running around work trying to get it all done, I look at my walls now and remember that I love my daughter, I love my job and I love my new walls.  Marie Kondo, I am sorry, but THESE ARE THE THINGS THAT BRING ME JOY.  It may not appear “tidy”… but I am okay with that.  It’s my “new tidy.”

Oh, and no, she’s NOT getting a dog – or a little sister.   There is NO mom-guilt there!