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Don’t Look Now: WJJY Cash Call Jackpot Increases


Gang…. the jackpot is climbing for the 106.7 FM WJJY Cash Call!  At the time I am writing this (10/8/21 at 12:30pm), it is well over $800!  Linda and Barry will try to give it away this afternoon… BE READY if the call comes your way!!!!  If your number is in the Brainerd Lakes Area phone book, you are entered!!!!!  But you DO need to LISTEN TO THE STATION to know the exact amount!!!!!

You can register your cell phone or otherwise unlisted phone number to be included in the WJJY Cash Call Contest, too.  You may either fill out this online form or call our front office during business hours to register your number. By submitting this form, you represent that you are 18 years old or older and provide permission to be contacted via phone. Web entries are limited to one per unique valid cell phone or unlisted number. We will not sell, exchange, rent, lease or otherwise disclose your information to other third party marketers.

We make the cash calls 3 to 4 times each weekday (not weekends).  We also call lakes area businesses that are listed in “the book.”  Be ready!  You could be winning BIG BUCKS from 106.7 WJJY!!!!!!