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Dua Lipa announces Service95, a world-focused recommendation platform coming in 2022

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Dua Lipa wants to help you make sense with what’s going on in the world, so she’s launching the new platform, Service95, to provide style, culture and societal insights through her well-traveled lens.   

Launching in January, the service will introduce Dua’s fans to movers and shakers from across the world and share their perspectives about life, culture and style.  Dua will also provide recommendations for little-known places to eat, hang out and visit that she personally finds fascinating. 

The Grammy winner-turned-lifestyle-guru said she was inspired to launch Service95 because she is always curating experiences for her friends, because she loves sharing all the hidden gems and global insights she learned of while touring.  Now, she wants to invite everyone into her inner circle.

“The more we share with each other, the closer we become, the wider our circles grow,” Dua said in a statement to ABC Audio.  “I find huge joy in telling people what I’ve learned about in any given city and love finding connection in our shared experiences. Service95 is going to take that idea and bring it to anyone who’s as curious as I am about life.”

You can subscribe to the free, weekly Service95 newsletter via the official website

Dua also teased her upcoming At Your Service podcast, which compliments Service95’s purpose, where she’ll tap into her journalism skills and interview hard-to-get “high profile guests” on a myriad of topics — from complex world issues to things on their radar.

“Not only am I probing them about the things I’m most curious about, I’m also treating them like the experts they are,” Dua said.


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