Ken & Tess

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was Our Barry


If you know the deep, strapping, professional voice of WJJY’s afternoon drive guy, Barry Brueland, you know he can sound like a bear.  But did you know he can BE a bear?  And I mean a big TEDDY BEAR?

Our sales pro, Kim, had a visit to the radio station from her adult daughter and her adorable granddaughter, Ellie… and as I came down the hall from a studio, I heard the giggle of a little girl and that deep, strapping, professional voice talking to this little girl.  There he was.  Barry “laying down on the job” to get a little one-on-one cute time with little Miss Ellie.  Barry had Ellie laughing and clapping and it melted my heart.  When I asked Barry for my permission to post this (I asked Ellie’s mommy, too), Barry said Ellie reminded him of his daughter when she was little, so he has a very soft spot for cute little ones like Ellie.   This could be one of the cutest photos I have every taken and I thought I would share it with you!  Just a glimpse of the man behind the deep, strapping, professional voice… our own “BEARY.”