Ken & Tess

“Harvest” Moon Shines On White Sand Lake


Someone asked me if I’d seen that big, beautiful Harvest Moon shining bright on our October nights. I hadn’t.

So, when Bob and Loraine Ehrich called up on Sunday night, October 13th and said that a full moon was rising over White Sand in Baxter, I ran over to their lakefront home and snapped a couple of quick shots.  As it turned out, I wasn’t thrilled with the  pictures I took.  I’m not a trained photographer and I’m probably a little too impatient to take the time to properly set up the shot.  Oh well, we’ll work on that.

Suffice it to say, it was a splendid sight as that bright faced moon rose in the eastern sky and threw a shimmering trail of light down upon the still waters of White Sand.

It was not, officially, a Harvest Moon.

The Harvest Moon is recognized as the full moon which occurs closest to the fall equinox which this year was in the middle of September. However, most folks apply the term to any bright moon which shows up in the autumn season.  The Harvest moon was a farmer’s best friend before farm implements were adorned with lights and there was still a worrisome amount of field work to be done.

Yes, ya gotta love that sun reflective lunar light when it’s shining bright on an October night.

“Shine on Harvest Moon, for me and my gal.”