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Here’s why those reports of “waning” interest in Adele’s Las Vegas residency are B.S.

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Raven B. Varona

Last weekend, a report in a British tabloid claimed that interest in Adele‘s Weekends With Adele Las Vegas residency show was “waning” — so much so that Caesars Palace had resorted to using “seat fillers” to cover up all the empty seats. But like so many British tabloid stories, it’s simply not true.

As the Las Vegas Review-Journalwhich has the inside track on all things entertainment in Sin City, reports, the only time seat fillers are used at Adele’s shows is when people who’ve purchased tickets are unable to make the performance, whether due to canceled flights, COVID or some other reason. 

At that point, Caesars Palace asks its employees, as well as staffers from its resorts’ partners, to sit in those seats. The general public can’t get in on this deal, and it’s an arrangement that’s specific to Adele’s residency.  According to the paper, Adele reportedly prefers to see all the seats in the lower sections occupied when she performs, so Caesars obliges.

The British tabloid also pointed to the fact that you can find same-day tickets to some of Adele’s performances for “a few hundred bucks” as further proof of “waning” interest. But as the Las Vegas Review-Journal explains, this has always been true of an in-demand show. A few tickets often get returned to the box office at the last minute. In the case of Adele, you’d pay face value for those tickets, which is usually more than $400.

So don’t worry: Adele’s doing just fine at Caesars Palace. Weekends With Adele is currently scheduled to run through March 25.

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