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Hey, Twins Fans, You’ll Love Dick Bremer’s New Book


Dick Bremer, the TV voice of the Minnesota Twins, has turned author and offers up a book which any Twin’s fan will have a ball reading. Pick up a copy of “Dick Bremer, Game Used, My Life In Stitches With The Minnesota Twins” .

If you remember tuning in the radio to hear Herb Carneal and Halsey Hall call another Twins game, then this is the book for you.

If you were awestruck the first time you walked into the old Met and laid eyes on that big league ball field, then you’ll find that this is one book that will be hard to put down.

Dick was a preacher’s kid and was raised right here in Minnesota.  He played ball for the Staples Cardinals and was a student at St Cloud State before moving on to pursue a career in broadcasting.

His life long allegiance to the Twins is on full display in this collection of 108 anecdotes.

Why 108 stories?  Because there are 108 stitches in every major league baseball.  Why, of course.

Before we came to know Dick Bremer the broadcaster, he was just another kid growing up in Minnesota.  Long before “circle me Bert”  became Dick’s broadcast partner, Bremer was just another young fan, back in 1970, wondering just how good this rookie named Blyleven might turn out to be. It turns out that Bert was every bit as good a prankster as he was at dropping that curveball “off the table”.  (Read the book for evidence of that.)  Before Dick had the pleasure of introducing Kirby Puckett to his mother, he was just another daydreaming youngster who spent much of his time marvelling at Harmon’s power and Tony’s “oh so sweet” swing.

Dick Bremer was and is a fan of the game. He was that kid who ran home from school in 1965, only to have his heart broke at the sight of Sandy Koufax accepting congratulations from his Dodger mates after shutting down our Twins in game 7 of the World Series. And he is that guy who was living and sharing the dream with the rest of us as Kirby and the boys won it all in 87 and 91.

Dick Bremer’s “Game Used, My Life In Stitches With The Minnesota Twins”  belongs on the shelf of any ardent Twins fan.

Give it a read but don’t give it away.  You’ll probably want to read it again.

Thanks Dick! And…….let’s go Twins.