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How To Find The Best Fall Colors

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I just signed up for the 2019 Minnesota Fall Color Update, offered by Explore Minnesota and Minnesota State Parks and Trails.

Every Thursday I’ll get an e-mail telling me where the fall colors are the best. You can sign up for the e-mail as well on the Explore Minnesota website.

I did check out the first report that was archived on the website, and in the report Val Cervenka, the Forest Health Program Consultant in the DNR’s Forestry Division was quoted as saying “This fall’s overall color display should be vivid and travel worthy”. According to Cervenka, Minnesota has had one of the wettest years on record, so this fall should be brimming with color.

I don’t know about you, but I really like the fall colors. For many years, one of the things I liked to do every fall was take the drive on county road 77 around Gull Lake and take in the fall colors. Another great trip is along the north shore on a sunny day in the fall when the leaves are at their peak. There’s just something about a bright blue sky, the blue of the water and the bright reds and yellows of the leaves on a fall day. It can be breathtaking. Even my own back yard can produce some brilliant colors.

Of course once I enjoy the fall colors, I know that I’ll soon be doing fall cleanup and getting all those leaves picked up in my yard. Even though it can be a lot of work, I always find it to be enjoyable to be out on a nice day in the fall working in the yard. Here’s to a beautiful fall.