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Hugh Phillips Was Our Friend


Our friend, Hugh Phillips, passed away on the 2oth of April.

When Hugh retired from the WJJY staff in 2003, he left us with his classic Royal typewriter which you see pictured above, and which dates from the late 1940s or early 1950s.  The “clackity-clack-clack of Hugh at the typewriter was a familiar sound to those of us who arrived at our radio station in the early morning hours.  So many mornings…so many news stories.  The man played that Royal like a Steinway.  It remains on display at our studios.

We were very fortunate when Hugh chose to continue his radio career as Ken’s partner on our wake-up show and as our news director.  Our listeners were just as fortunate.  We were most fortunate because we got to know “the man”.  We will never forget our “Uncle Hugh”.

We’ll think of Hugh whenever we hear the crisp smack of a well driven golf ball.  Hugh always hit em right down the middle.

We’ll think of Hugh whenever we hear a trumpet well played.  Hugh had “great chops”.

We’ll think of the man whenever we share a laugh or a smile with Ken and Tess on the JJY wake-up show as they carry on the tradition which Hugh played such an indelible role in forging.

Although only 5 foot six or seven inches tall, Hugh had tremendous stature as a broadcaster, as a husband and father, and as a man.

We’ll remember the unforgettable Hugh Phillips whenever we walk by that old Royal typewriter.