Ken & Tess

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me


It was Friday.  I was in the on-air studio working ahead on a project, when I got kind of an odd feeling.

Now, mind you, I was sick earlier this week, so I got a little nervous that I was getting sick again.  A little feeling in my stomach made me feel a little uneasy.  As I got up to go get a drink of water hoping the feeling would pass, then there he was.  Staring at me through the window.  How long had he been watching me?  I don’t know, but he let me snap some pictures of him (or her, for that matter), and the odd feeling passed.  Not sure I should notify authorities about this winged-stalker… but I probably won’t.  This time.  Instead, I’ll name him (or her, for that matter) Bob.