Ken & Tess

In Celebration Of A Declaration


Thomas Jefferson authored the original draft of our Declaration Of Independence. His words were argued over, edited to a degree, and signed by those in agreement.

The process of forging our nation had begun.

First, they had to share their intentions. That, in that day and age, took some time.  It would be more than a month before word crossed the Atlantic and King George learned that the boys, over in Philadelphia, were getting more demanding. His majesty was vexed.

As it turned out, George the third would have many more years to fume over the audaciousness of his former colonial subjects.  He would continue to occupy the throne for 44 years beyond our declaration, until his death in 1820. Only his granddaughter, Victoria and the current Queen Elizabeth would reign longer.

Back on this “side of the pond”, we prepare once more to celebrate those words that gave a king such indigestion.

It has been 243 years since 56 “gutsy” individuals signed that paper.

Here in the present day, we have much to discuss and much to debate but, on Independence Day, why don’t we just get together and celebrate.

Have a great 4th of July!!