Ken & Tess

Is There Anything Better Than Finding Some Extra French Fries In The Bottom Of The Bag?



I had a “hankerin’ for a hunk of” fast food today and I don’t usually get french fries, but today, I did.  I ate my little cheeseburger, then dug mindlessly into those golden, deep-fried sticks of deliciousness while driving down the road.  I brought the brown bag into the radio station to finish the fries and looked in the bag:  GONE!  *Sigh*  I ate them all… not even knowing it.

THAT’s when I recalled, that back in the day, you could always count on a few stragglers that sometimes fall out of the little white bag into the bottom of the brown bag – and I had hope again.  Just a few more… that’s all I wanted.  So, I snapped a picture of the sad little empty bag knowing that maybe, JUST MAYBE, there were one or two more lumps of love hidden under that white bag.  “Come on, baby, come on, baby” is what went through my mind.  (SAD, I know…)

I then dug down to pull out the little white fry bag with high hopes as to what was waiting for me, if anything, underneath it… and to my joy, YES!!!!!!


“Ode To Joy” started playing in my head as THERE THEY WERE… a few stow-aways that had “bounced” from the white bag into the brown bag abyss and I was rather surprised how much joy this brought me!  I guess it’s just one of those simple pleasures.  Here’s hoping you find “fries in the bottom of your bag” today in some form or another!  Cheers!