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Janet Jackson covers ‘Allure,’ talks about Super Bowl incident: “It’s important that conversation has been had”

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Tom Munro/Allure

In the past, Janet Jackson has pledged never to discuss the infamous incident at the 2004 Super Bowl when Justin Timberlake exposed her breast.  But in her upcoming Lifetime documentary, she does, and in a new cover story in Allure — on newsstands January 18 — she also addresses it…somewhat.

While discussing how she went from being being completely covered up in her Control and Rhythm Nation eras to being comfortable with nudity in her janet. era, Janet notes, “It took a lot of work, a lot of work. It was something very tough, very difficult. But I’m glad I walked through [that door]. I’m really glad I got in. It was a way of accepting and loving, accepting yourself and your body.”

But when her body was put on display against her will at the Super Bowl, she was the one who suffered the career hit, while Timberlake emerged unscathed. Now, the entire incident has been reconsidered as an example of systemic racism and white male privilege; Timberlake apologized to Janet last year

“Whether I want to be part of that conversation or not, I am part of that conversation,” Janet tells Allure.  However, she notes. “I think it’s important. Not just for me, but for women. So I think it’s important that conversation has been had. You know what I mean? And things have changed obviously since then for the better.”

As for how she got through that difficult time, Janet says, “What’s really important is going back to having that foundation. Not just family, but God. That’s what really pulled me through. It’s tough for me to talk about that time.”

Janet also notes, “I’m very fortunate to have a very loyal and loving fan base. And I think they will always accept me for who I am.”

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