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John Mayer compares pal Shawn Mendes to The Beatles’ George Harrison: “He’s remarkable”

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One of Shawn Mendes‘ biggest influences is John Mayer, and the two now have a close friendship. And in a new interview, John admits to being so knocked out by Shawn that he even compares the 22-year-old Canadian singer to one of the Beatles.

“He’s remarkable,” John gushed to Apple Music 1‘s Zane Lowe on Wednesday. “He’s remarkable. That’s all there is to it…You know who he reminds me of? He reminds me of George Harrison.”

According to John, Shawn and the so-called “Quiet Beatle” are alike “in the sense that his spirit is immovable, and it’s his, and it’s honest. And that’s very George Harrison to me.”

Citing the way Harrison came across during a Dick Cavett interview years ago, John said Shawn has the same vibe, noting, “He’s not pushed around by the excitement around him.”

John also values Shawn’s opinion, revealing, “We’ll send each other everything we make…he’ll send me stuff he’s working on, and I’ll send him stuff I’m working on. And we don’t really sugarcoat it for each other.”

John continues, “Sometimes we go, ‘Cool.’ Sometimes we go, ‘Now that’s [a good] one!’ He is so honest.”

That seems to indicate that you can listen to John’s new album, Sob Rock, knowing that every song has had the Shawn Mendes seal of approval.

Sob Rock comes out on Friday.

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