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Katy Perry sidesteps request for clarification of Taylor Swift comment she made on ‘American Idol’

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ABC/Christopher Willard

A couple of weeks ago, while judging American Idol, Katy Perry turned to fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan and said, “Imagine what Taylor and I could do, if we work together?”  Fans lost their collective minds speculating that this was some kind of hint that Katy and Taylor Swift had something in the works.  But asked if that was indeed the case, Katy sidestepped the question.

As part of Entertainment Weeklys What to Watch video series, Katy was asked about that comment, to which she replied, “We have worked together, for the good of young girls in that we’ve mended past wounds.”  Katy was apparently referring to the fact that she appeared in Taylor’s video for “You Need to Calm Down,” in which the two were seen embracing.

“I think that these days it’s cooler to have women support other women across the board in all fields, especially in music,” she continued. “Because I think women are held to such an insane standard; they’re asked crazy questions that their male counterparts would never be asked. I think if we can support each other and lift each other up and advocate for equality, that’s movement forward.”

But when Katy was pressed on the topic of whether that support would extend to her and Taylor recording a song together, she seemed a bit flummoxed, and then replied, “You know…there’s always opportunities for collaboration again with wonderful people.”

“That was a great answer,” said fellow judge Lionel Richie, noting Katy’s success in dodging the question.

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