Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Shine In ‘A Star Is Born’ Song Shallow

a star is born
Lady Gaga/YouTube

Shallow, the first song released from the A Star Is Born soundtrack from, is a strong indication that the movie is going to be a massive hit.


Ever since the first trailer came out I’ve been extremely excited for this movie. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga headline A Star Is Born, which is a remake of a 1937 movie with the same name. The movie was also remade into a 1954 musical and a 1976 rock musical.

Shallow has been the song used most in trailers for the movie and now hearing it in full, you know why. What a strong song, not only for a soundtrack but overall. While it is not due out in theaters until October 5th, reviews from critics have been pouring in and the tomato meter is currently cooking at 95%.

You bet I’ll be there on opening night for this one.