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Lady Gaga needed psychiatric nurse on set to feel “safe” while finishing ‘House of Gucci’

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Most of the interviews Lady Gaga has given about her acclaimed role in House of Gucci have mentioned how she threw herself into her role, speaking with an Italian accent even when she wasn’t on set. But now, she reveals to Variety that immersing herself so fully in the role of Patrizia Reggiani — who hired a hit man to kill her ex-husband — caused her to fear for her own mental health.

“I was still living my life. I just lived it as her,” Gaga tells Variety. “I brought the darkness with me home because her life was dark.”  During the final days of shooting, she admits, “I had a psychiatric nurse with me towards the end of filming. I sort of felt like I had to. I felt that it was safer for me.”

However, Gaga says, “I don’t think that any actor should push themselves to that limit.”  So why did she?

“I think that the best answer I could give you is I have a sort of romantic relationship with suffering for your art that I developed as a young girl, and it just sometimes goes too far,” she explains. “And when it does go too far, it can be hard to reel it in on your own.”

But Gaga says when she becomes a mother, she’ll stop doing this.

“I probably will completely change this when I have a child…I want to be available and present for my children in a way that I think when you are acting in that way, it could be problematic for a child to be around,” she shares.

Gaga’s future role should be much easier to deal with, mentally.  She tells Variety, “I’d love to do a romantic comedy.”

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