Ken & Tess

Let’s Go, Miguel Sano!!


This week the Minnesota Twins signed big slugger Miguel Sano to a three year contract extension worth $30 million dollars.

It’s a move designed to ensure that the hard hitting Twins will have plenty of pop in the middle of their line-up heading into the 2020 season.

We know Miguel can hit and we know that the big fella can hit the ball a long way.

The question is this.  Can Sano stay healthy through the upcoming campaign?

He has battled through a frustrating succession of injuries over the past 5 seasons and his weight has proven to be an occasional issue with the ball club.  This off-season, Miguel hired a personal trainer to ensure that he’ll be ready to go when the Twins congregate for spring training in Fort Myers.

Sano hit 34 round trippers in 2019 while playing in only 105 games.  Twin’s fans will be banking on this young man’s ability to live up to his potential even as the Twin’s went to the bank in order to keep Sano around for the foreseeable future.  Let’s go, Sano!!!

**Now that the Twins have signed hard hitting free agent third baseman Josh Donaldson, Miguel will likely shift across the infield and occupy 1st base.

I wonder who that could be posing behind the “Sano face” in the attached picture?