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Lewis Capaldi “on the edge” after unreleased demo goes viral on TikTok

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Alexandra Gavillet

Lewis Capaldi is still dreaming his new song “Pointless” — the one he co-wrote with Ed Sheeran — takes off, but it appears an unreleased demo he posted as a joke stole its thunder.

Lewis released “Pointless” in early December and hoped it would become a wedding song. He even launched an aggressive social media campaign to get it to blow up on TikTok. Unfortunately, the song didn’t perform as hoped, and Lewis admitted it was probably unwise of him to release a non-holiday song so close to Christmas.

Fast-forward a month to January 4, when Lewis released a clip of an unreleased demo and noted the song “will probably never see the light of day.” In addition to joking his label won’t be too upset he released an unfinished song, he wrote, “This is not a marketing thing [by the way] this is genuinely just a demo.”

Fans — and even Meghan Trainor — began begging Lewis to release the entire song, with one TikTok user snarking, “This is better than she brings me coffee” — a reference to the opening lyrics to “Pointless” Lewis had been using to promote the single.

Lewis responded to the comment by posting a video of him looking defeated, along with the upper case caption, “I love it when [people] prefer demos I have no intention of releasing to songs I spend so much time recording, releasing and promoting.”

“I’m on the edge,” he wrote in lowercase letters.

One follower tried explaining why more people resonated with the unreleased demo than “Pointless” by commenting, “We’re all breaking up not having coffee made for us.”

Only time will tell if fans can convince the singer to change his mind on releasing the demo.

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