Ken & Tess

Linda Andrews……Is Hip.


Linda Andrews is back “on the air” on WJJY….with a brand new hip.

Linda had developed a rather painful “hitch in her giddyup” and decided it was time to have the surgeon install some plastic and metal in place of that nagging hip joint.  She underwent the procedure in late April and for the past several weeks, step by step, she’s been growing accustomed to this new addition to her anatomy.

Well, it’s so nice to have “our sister” back in the house. Yes, Linda is far more than a co-worker.  She’s part of the family here at WJJY and it’s great to hear her, once again, on that mid-day show.  What a pro.  She’s been putting up with the rest of us “radio rats” for almost 20 years and the place wouldn’t be the same without her.

By the way……we want to thank our Tim Mitchell for “sitting in” for Linda during her recuperation.  Tim is a rock solid pro and you’ll be hearing alot more of him on”JJY” and our sister stations.

Welcome back, Linda!!