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Mail Theft On The Rise in Crow Wing County

Photo by Abstrakt Xxcellence Studios from Pexels

The Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office just announced they have received several reports of package and mail theft, mainly in the Bay Lake area in recent weeks.[0]=68.ARBkOhthhOpgErhvsjCZlBPLzJDVjDbSYeORJMZudjwS63rtWKfKK9Le2wnGySPcmEer0ajJrzh2VWbP86pCVivUgeBkS_T1MkqMEu2x7RMv2704SzcRe43l7-so1ba6K7mpOFvtEOxVOTd0pFJZrBxei04SlfBfzE_MwaYVHs81nwLCsO72spU7SvFQ2yz5Botwz01mn8fQlU6-4xrNJu-n0lpEJjTLIB_2HOnKgS_Ze_V31nSDIJermD3Gj9NMuINg7fM6OuK0gQn4rszI4oFXmKNG-w4FPH7KCAb2lsF5CrF5_WowC-4Vxri-zJNxA6VqI-7_-iU3k8yvTRWwbO4&__tn__=-R

To help prevent theft, they say to consider surveillance cameras and creating an account through the US Postal Service where you can get informed delivery messages of all your mail on a daily basis. They also suggest signing up for Ring Neighbors app to stay informed.  If you suspect mail theft in your area, please contact the Sheriff’s Office or any local law enforcement office.