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Matchbox Twenty doesn’t have “the emotional bandwith” to make a new album now, says Rob Thomas

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Rob Thomas has said that when he and Matchbox Twenty launch their twice-delayed tour this May, they’ll have some new music to perform.  But now Rob says fans shouldn’t expect anything a new album from the band, which hasn’t released a full-length project since 2012.

“Right before the holidays, the guys were in New York at the studio,” he tells Smashing Interviews magazine. “None of us really had the time or emotional bandwidth to put together an entire album in the way we’d want to put together whole record.”

So instead, Rob says, they’ll just do something on a smaller scale.

“So we’re just going to put out probably just a four-song EP [to have] some new music for fans and stuff to play live,” he explains. “It’s just not about going out to support a whole record right now…like going out and doing all the TV shows and all that stuff. It seems like a lot more fun to have a song out and let the tour be the promotion for it.”

Matchbox Twenty’s North American tour with The Wallflowers gets under way May 17 in Vancouver and is set to wrap up in mid-August.

Meanwhile, Rob says he’s got an entire solo album ready to go — which he’s back-burnered this year in favor of doing Matchbox stuff — while “Move,” his 2021 reunion single with his “Smooth” buddy Carlos Santana, is still on the radio.  Rob reveals that after Carlos unexpectedly had heart surgery in November, he sent the legendary guitarist a special “get-well” present.

“I sent him this box set. It was like the 100 greatest DVDs in Warner Bros. history,” he laughs. “It was all these movies from the 1930s until today…So I sent him that to help him recuperate.”

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