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Meghan Trainor explains why she wrote “I Believe in Santa”

Meghan Trainor

It’s been a year since Meghan Trainor released the music video for “I Believe in Santa,” and the singer is ready to dish on some little-known facts about the festive offering.

Meghan released the “Vevo footnotes” of the music video, which explained how she brought her creative vision to life and why she made the song.

“I’m a Christmas baby and I’ve wanted to write a Christmas album since I was very young. I wrote and produced ‘I Believe in Santa’ with my brothers. When writing the song, I remembered my friends fighting over whether or not Santa was real when we were 10 years old,” Meghan revealed.

She also explained she asked JoJo Siwa to star in the music video because she was “super pregnant” at the time with her son, Riley. “I couldn’t do all of the dancing,” Meghan explained before crediting the video for making her and JoJo closer friends.

It was also disclosed JoJo and her mom, Jessalynn Siwa, designed the whimsical and glitter-filled costumes she wore in the video. In addition, Meghan cast “‘the’ verified Santa J Claus from TikTok” in the music video, but had actor David Haverty do all of his stunts.

Additionally, director Josh Forbes says the music video had an alternate ending where a mecha Santa “picked up JoJo like King Kong and blew up the house with laser eyes.” As for why it wasn’t used, Forbes said “nobody liked it and it was way too expensive.”

The song was featured in A Very Trainor Christmas, which Meghan released in 2020. 

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