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Men, You’ll Thank Me Later

Beautiful Bloom Blooming 697259
Photo by Hiếu Hoàng from Pexels

Listen up, men.  I have a great idea for you.  Buy your significant other a DOZEN Roses…. for just $20 (SEE THE DEAL BELOW!)…”JUST BECAUSE.”  Yes, JUST BECAUSE.

You don’t need a birthday, an anniversary, or a “get well” event to buy your love some roses.  You just need $20 and you can get her a dozen RED or MULTI-COLORED roses AND help kids at the same time!  Do you KNOW the “brownie points” you would “earn” for doing this?   She’s not expecting it… you know that.  Do this JUST BECAUSE you love this person and remind her that you think of her “for no reason.”  She’ll love that, you know…  🙂

Here’s the deal:  Brainerd Lakes Sunrise Rotary Club is holding their annual Rotary Rose Sale NOW through September 23, 2019.  For just $20, you can get her a DOZEN, long-stem roses in RED or in Multi-Colors  – and if you have purchased roses from a flower shop in the past, you KNOW you can not get a dozen roses for much under $40!  Heck, in that case, get her TWO DOZEN!

When you purchase these high quality roses through this sale, the Sunrise Rotary Club will place the dollars in their YOUTH ACCOUNT which will, then, be used to offer SCHOLARSHIPS to BHS Seniors and help them pay for three students in grades 9-11 to attend a week-long Rotary Youth Leadership Camp in Crookston!  The dollars raised will be at work for local kids!

That’s a WIN-WIN!

OF COURSE, I will add here that ANYONE can (and is encouraged to) purchase roses for ANY reason through this sale, but GUYS, I am just trying to help you out by posting this.

To order, contact a Sunrise Rotarian or use this link below.

Now, could someone please make sure my husband sees this?  That would be great!
(I will order myself some just in case…and JUST BECAUSE.)