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Michael Bublé admits he can’t listen to Christmas music after December 25

Michael Buble's Christmas In Hollywood Season 2015
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Every year around Christmastime, you can expect to hear jokes about Michael Bublé coming out of hibernation. While his music does enjoy a second wind on the radio and the Billboard music charts during the holiday season, the singer admits there is only so much Christmas music he can personally stand to hear.

The Irish Daily Star quoted Michael as saying, “Christmas music reminds me of rich food: When you haven’t had it in a while, you are so excited for it and you eat as much as you can. By the 26th of December, you don’t ever want to hear it again.”

Still, Michael admits, “there are worse things than a season where people are kind.”

The 46-year-old Canadian singer adds that, just because he shuts off the holiday tunes the second Christmas is over, that doesn’t mean he feels Grinch-like about the festive season.

“I love Christmas so much and my parents made it so great for us that I still have that sense of wonderment. It’s not that I see it through the eyes of kids, I genuinely have that wonderment. Like, my tree was up November 1st,” he marveled. 

Michael released his standout holiday album, Christmas, in October 2011 and it has gone on to sell over 14 million copies worldwide.  With a decade now separating him from his best-selling album, he’s dealing with a new issue — feeling old.

“People come up to me that I think are regular middle-aged people and say, ‘Hi I’ve been listening to you since I was a little kid,’ and I go, ‘God I’m old,'” Michael quipped.


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