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Michael Bublé hopes the younger generations fall in love with jazz: “It’s too good to die”

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Michael Bublé is an old soul.  Growing up, he “loved” listening to jazz legends such as Dean MartinTony Bennett and others — and he hopes to share his appreciation of the classics with the younger crowd.

“The music I was listening to was from a different generation,” the Grammy winner told Esquire, “I just loved the music. It turned me on. And what’s even weirder was, I couldn’t understand why other kids my age didn’t feel the same way.”

Michael added, “It’s just so swingin’ and the musicians are just so bada**. That’s what I mean when I say, how can anyone not hear that and go, ‘Wow!'” 

The “I’ll Never Not Love You” singer hopes his songs inspire the younger generation to preserve the spirit of jazz music.  Michael is comforted that he’s not alone in the battle, citing artists such as Jon BatisteHarry Connick Jr. and others who are “keeping the legacy alive” by acting as “custodians of this genre.”

“We admire each other and it’s not competition,” he attested. “It’s truly genuine appreciation for how each of us have sort of taken the root of jazz, and with the seeds sown by our heroes and now as the tree grows and there are different branches, and each of us have a small part in keeping it alive.”

“It’s too good to die,” Michael remarked, “When it comes to the music I take it dead serious. I feel like we all have this wonderful gift of the responsibility of honoring our heroes.”

The Canadian crooner added his children are gravitating toward older music all on their own without his influence, revealing his eight-year-old son, Noah, loves “50s-era rock and roll, like Elvis Presley.”

“I always think, could this be genetic?” Michael laughed.

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