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Michael Bublé swears his Las Vegas residency won’t go beyond six shows

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Courtesy Resorts World Las Vegas

While several artists have been performing their Las Vegas residencies for years — like Rod Stewart, for example  — Michael Bublé swears that his newly announced residency is a one-time-only deal.

As previously reported, the Resorts World Las Vegas residency includes six shows, which run between April 27, 2022 and May 7.  But he tells Billboard, “I wanted to make sure it was the right kind of residency. In no way was I ready to go and have a theater built for me and spend 10 years there. But the fact that it’s a couple of weeks, it’s a lot of fun for me.”

Michael is going to use the six shows to introduce his new album, which he says includes “some of the greatest songs I think I’ve ever written in my life.”  He says the artists he’s written and produced his new material with, and the ones he’s duetting with, will “blow your mind.”

As for why he won’t extend his engagement in Sin City, Michael says, “The truth is I really love traveling all over the world. I go to 50-some odd countries and I just love showing up in their backyards.”

“I’ve always wanted to be tangible to the audience out there supporting me,” he explains. “So as much as Vegas is fun, I want to do this in this bite-sized way and makes them want me a little more. Play a little hard to get.”

Tickets for the residency go on sale December 10.

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