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Michelle Mulvaney On All 80s Saturday Nights


If you had stepped into the Burger King in suburban Hopkins, Minnesota back in the late 1980s, there’s a very good chance that a teenaged Michelle Mulvaney was there, behind the counter, servin up your Whopper and fries–with a smile.  That’s where Michelle got her start in the workaday world, and that’s where the radio in the back of the restaurant would have been servin up the hits of the 80s–everthing from AC/DC to ZZTOP with some B52s and Duran Duran on the side.

Michelle grew up the 1980s and the 80s constituted her PMAP.  PMAP, in radio jargon translates to Prime Music Awareness Period.  Your PMAP consists of those years that you lived through as a teenager and into your early 20s.  Later in life, these songs from your past, are the tunes that tweak your nostalgia button and that allow your memories of days gone by to permeate your mind, put a smile and your face, and possibly give you cause to sing along.

Michelle, the 80s kid, moved on from Burger King, and has been “playin the radio game” since the early 90s.  You need only listen to realize how much she still enjoys it.  She’s a regular host on our sister stations, COOL 103.5 and The Power Loon, and can be heard every Saturday night, having a great time hosting our        ALL 80s SATURDAY NIGHTS here on WJJY.

If you love the 80s, then, in Burger King parlance–“Have It Your Way”–and join Michelle every Saturday night from 7-midnight.

I’m a big fan of Michelle.

–Barry Brueland afternoon host on 106.7 WJJY