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Mickey’s Pizza Is A Familiar Brainerd Place Where You’ll Always Find A Familiar Face


Mickey Kiminski opened up Mickey’s Pizza on Brainerd’s east Washington Street back in 1982.

Mickey is one of those local fellas that a whole lot of local folks have come to know over the years.  He always remembers a face and rarely forgets a name.

Jim Czeczok

Mickey’s was and is all about good pizza and tasty soups, subs and salads with an emphasis on very friendly service. That chicken wild rice soup still can’t be beat especially on chilly winter days.

Mickey’s moved to their present location on 5th street across from the Brainerd Library in 1989.  It was formerly occupied by Hardee’s.  There’s a nostalgic appeal to the Mickey’s building that harkens back to an earlier day of drive up restaurants.

Jim and Toni Czeczok became the owners of Mickey’s some 15 years ago and have proven to be excellent caretakers of the Mickey’s tradition. (Toni is Mickey’s daughter)

I don’t get into Mickey’s as often as I once did since both the radio station moved from downtown Brainerd to the Baxter industrial park and I moved to the west end of town.  But, whenever I do, it all seems as familiar as yesterday.  I think it’s time I make a habit out of Mickey’s once again.

Familiar faces indeed.  There’s Jim and Toni of course and then there’s Kathy Johnson and Laurie Hradsky.

Kathy and Laurie have been employed at Mickey’s since the doors were opened in 1982.  It wouldn’t be the same without them.

Brainerd wouldn’t be the same without Mickey’s.