Minnesota 9-Year-Old Gets A Gift From ABC’s “Good Morning America” For Efforts To Help Others


It’s hard to turn on the news today and not be a bit overwhelmed by all the negative news of things that are happening in our world today, but if you wait long enough, you WILL see the positive news emerge as well.

I was blown away by this little girl from the Twin Cities who wanted to make and sell friendship bracelets, then give the money she earned to help people and businesses in Minneapolis following the riots, mayhem and destruction that seemingly took down a portion of the city.

Kamryn Johnson is a 9-year old with a huge heart.  She set up “shop” in her own front yard, made a bunch of colorful string bracelets , then started selling them.  She told everyone that came to her sale why she was doing this.  And people were impressed.  She made the local news, then the national news!  As of Monday, June 8th, 2020, she had raised over $40,000 for her cause.  THEN, she got a big gift from “Good Morning America” and Little Caesar’s Pizza!   If you’d like to see her interview with Robin Roberts of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” check it out below.


This is MY kind of news, I don’t know about you!  Great job, Kamryn…and great job, mom and dad!