Ken & Tess

Minnesota Pretty In The Middle Of The City


My daughter, Hannah, captured this image of Rice Creek  while out driving through New Brighton.

She pulled over, snapped the picture quickly with her cell phone camera, and managed to come up with something quite beautiful. I thought it was well worth sharing. It’s hard to imagine that the rumble of I-35 traffic can be heard from where this picture was taken.

When she first texted me this shot, I thought it was a painting.   The light pouring in from around the bend is exquisite.

The camera phone has turned so many into shutterbugs.  Some of us, present company excluded, have a very good feel for spotting and framing good shots. I try.  But it’s become very clear to me that my kid has a much better eye than “eye” do.

Hey Hannah……Thanks for sharing some inner city Minnesota beauty with us.  Please send more.